Qui sommes-nous?

An independent organisation

NGO founded in 2013, after years of informal collaboration between partners sharing the same ideas about health care.

Medicinel is the natural evolution of an NGO born from the meeting of the founder, a specialist in plant therapies and the co-founder an Ivoirian traditional healer.

Exchanging and enriching their different but complementary knowledge concerning medicinal plants used for sickle-cell anaemia, the study was widened to other pathologies and was fuelled by other knowledge and approaches of a growing number of partners. Firstly by members of the medical community, then by patients and followers, united by the same dynamic and shared thoughts about health care:

Have an ecological approach to health care, reintegrate herbal medicine to its rightful place and promote a better knowledge of the subject.

Our association of general interest (law 1901- not for profit) has a goal to contribute completely to scientific medical research, by creating Medicinel to contribute to the development of a “group of experts” dedicated to citizens who desire to preserve or improve their health naturally and for the members of the health care community by elaborating the tools adapted to their practices to improve the treatment of their patients.